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189 NIEUWE video's geplaatst!! (8x havo/vwo 1) (9x havo/vwo 2) (25x havo A) (27x havo B) (80x vwo A) (40x vwo B)

This first paragraph is mainly meant as a rehearsal of simplifying algebraic expressions. Something which is relatively new, but was already presented in chapter 6 in relation to calculating the area of right-angled polygons, is applying the order of operations to simplifying algebraic expressions. So video 1 will be dealing with this matter. In video 2 & 3 will be looked back on previous knowledge on simplifying multiplications, additions and subtractions of algebraic expressions.

  • Video 1: Simplifying algebraic expressions & the order of operations
  • Video 2: Multiplication & addition of like terms
  • Video 3: Collecting like terms in complex mixes of additions & subtractions
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