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189 NIEUWE video's geplaatst!! (8x havo/vwo 1) (9x havo/vwo 2) (25x havo A) (27x havo B) (80x vwo A) (40x vwo B)

In these videos we will explain what to do when encountering a power of a product, a power of a power and what to do when dividing powers. Together with the previous videos on multiplication, addition and subtraction of powers we now covered the basic operations of the algebraic skills you need when dealing with algebraic powers.

Upfront knowledge: you need to have an understanding how to multiply, add and subtract algebraic powers

  • Video 1: A power of a product
  • Video 2: A power of a power
  • Video 3: Divisions of powers
  • Summary 1: Overview on all operations regarding algebraic power
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